GI Joe: introducing the Lawn Viper

Yep, just another day on Cobra Island, tending the greens.

Last week was Joecon 2012, and this was one of the figures shown off. No, it's not a real piece scheduled for release - it was on display during the customizing class, along with several other concepts created in-house at Hasbro. This one was designed by John Warden, sculpted by Dave Proctor and painted by friend of the site Erik Arana. He even has his own special accessories:

The one-of-a-kind figure was auctioned off for charity, so no, you'll never own a Lawn Viper. Unless somehow Hasbro was convinced that tons of people want one and it would be financially beneficial for them to make it. Check out the gallery below to see the original concept art and to read the officially produced filecard.

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3 Responses to GI Joe: introducing the Lawn Viper

  1. yo go re says:

    That filecard is funny!

  2. Nightboomfer says:

    They got vipers for just about everything! Can't get reception? Call a Tele-viper. The Cobra base's arcade machine is down? Techno-Viper! Smudgy glass? Vindow Viper!

    I'd love to see more toys like this. Like, if I recall, Crankcase is a giant robot janitor who hates his job, and then there's Mo-Larr the Eternian Dentist.

  3. PrfktTear says:

    Whats next? The Ass Viper?

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