Tales of Puck

Included with each of the pieces of the ML Puck Build-A-Figure is a folded slip of paper bringing us "Tales of Puck," explaining who he is to new fans. We haven't bothered putting of that info in the various reviews, but now we're putting it all here.

Each piece of story also refers to a specific comic. To find out which, click the "read more" link.

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The Alpha Flight team goes on a mission to save one of its members, only to lose another hero from the team. Puck is stripped of his powers through the trickery of Loki and banished to the Himalayan wilderness by the villain's magic. The hero's Alpha Flight teammates believe he has fallen in combat. Puck would eventually rejoin them in battle through a magic portal between dimensions.

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X-Force has always been the team willing to take on missions no other heroes could handle. The team stays one step ahead, using precision attacks on critical targets to eliminate evil before it strikes. As a new era dawns with Psylocke in command, Puck becomes one of the heroes who will carry on the X-Force legacy as a heroic hunter of evil!

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Wolverine was in peril during a battle with the sorcerer Mauvais and the beast Wendigo. the Alpha Flight team shows up just in time to turn the tide! When a wounded Wolverine is tossed toward the team by Wendigo in an evil twist on the fastball special, it's Puck who catches the hurtling hero and gets him to safety.
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