Xevoz Series 5: Ursa Khan

Oh man oh man oh man! Readers, I need you to give me money!!!

For years the only information about one of the unreleased Xevoz figures was this piece of art from that big group shot:

Yes, that's all the bigger it was.

Literally nothing else had ever been seen about him, which is why we haven't featured him here on the blog yet. But there is currently an eBay auction for the unproduced prototype!! It's fully unpainted, but it lets us see what all the accessories would have been. There's the plain body, plus an extra torso with a big belly and a short shirt. He's got three heads: one wearing a horned helmet, one that's normal human and would have an articulated ponytail, and one that seems to be a were-bear! You have your choice of shoes or bare feet, and he has lots of armor-y bits that look like metal over fur (think "He-Man"). He has two shields - one round, one with sawblades on the edges - a sword, a spear, an axe, a pointy staff, a chain flail morningstar, a giant wooden club, and a Wolverine claw that fits onto his arm.

(All these pictures will be super big when you click on them, because these may be the only photos there ever are of him, so we didn't want to reduce the quality at all.)

So this figure looks great. Give me money so I can buy it!!!

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2 Responses to Xevoz Series 5: Ursa Khan

  1. The Hidden Elephent says:

    This may be a hella late comment, but I've got some fun tidbits and speculation for you regarding Ursa Kahn. Firstly; it's actually a remold/repaint. Ursa Kahn's base body is almost identical to that of Hyper Guardian. Every blue-plastic piece from the Hyper Guardian kit is done in Medium Flesh for the Ursa Kahn kit, the only exception being the new pieces of the heads, ponytail, open-toed feet and the extra torso and bear(?) head.

    Secondly, as far as I can determine, Ursa Kahn isn't a Neo-sapien, but rather, an Arcaster. This idea comes down to the simple difference between Neo-sapiens and Arcasters. Neo-sapiens are Science Fiction Humans; super-soldiers, super-heroes, elite police, cyber punks, and hover-board-using rebels. Even the Quick Slinger counts because his lasso is obviously technologic in nature and they mention a robot horse in the bio. Arcasters, meanwhile, are Fantasy Humans. Magical Knights and Dark Sorcerors, as well as this guy, a Barbarian Hero who'd eschew technology and instead wander ancient, lost lands of tall trees, deep crags, and thick mists. There's a chance I'm not correct, but I think that Ursa Kahn is more at home with Rune Knight and Warlock than with Alpha Trooper and Hyper Guardian.

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