Transformers Sludge addendum

The gimmick of this year's "Power of the Primes" theme is that the Transformers can join up with various "Prime Masters" to gain new powers. When you buy a Deluxe, Voyager, or Leader Class figure, it includes a card revealing the powers granted by one combination. Just one. Out of 12. So here's a list of all the powers Sludge can gain:

Alchemist Prime
Instantly knows the pressure required to flatten Decepticons.
Alpha Trion
Writes several million pages on the virtues of stomping.
Amalgamous Prime
Redistributes body mass to maximize striking power.
The Fallen
Uses seismic strength to shatter enemy cities.
Liege Maximo
Convinces foes to lay down for stomping.
Micronus Prime
Power-links to share his unbelievable strength.
Nexus Prime
Makes Volcanicus create earthquakes with each step.
Onyx Prime
Crushes Decepticon sparks on their journey back to Primus.
Grants allies courage equal in strength to his stomping.
Quintus Prime
Creates bots capable of fighting in any environment.
Solus Prime
Crafts a planet-sized simulation chamber so bots can train.
Vector Prime
Slows down time to keep up with his friends.
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