Preorder NECA's TMNT movie Tokka and Rahzar

You heard right: NECA's making Tokka and Rahzar, and you can get yours now!

Rather than repeat the colossal eff-ups they've had for their past couple Turtle exclusives, NECA is finally being smart about this set: from now until this Friday (August 7), you can just go to NECA's online store and place your order. Preorders will determine how many are made, so this is your only chance to get them.

You've got a week, but don't drag your heels. If you want to show NECA the value in making toys available this way instead of the blind-rush lottery they've been using, now is your chance.

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  1. yo go re says:

    Time's almost up, so don't hesitate too much longer...

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