Truly, outrageously, more than meets the eye

We've had many crossovers between GI Joe and the Transformers, so how about something new?

This fun custom of Starlight, Emmett and Jacqui was created by Simon Smith, who also made full packaging for it:


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4 Responses to Truly, outrageously, more than meets the eye

  1. mrxskull says:

    Looks like a complete eyesore, so I guess in terms of emulating a 1980s 'throwback' aesthetic it's a resounding success.

  2. Ai Muhao says:

    I remember once reading a fan comic where one of the Autobots (Rewind, I think) attended one of Jem's concerts because they detected Cybertronian tech, and it turned out that Synergy was built using said tech.

    Now that there's a Teletran One mold (that transforms into the Autobot Mainframe and is sold as part of the Titan Class Ark toy), they could probably retool that into Synergy. I mean, there's already an orb, the Voyager discs could be redecoed into Jem and the Hologram cds...

    Come on, Hasbro, give Jem some love! We boys of the 80s were pretty fond of that show too, not just the girls!

  3. Ragin' Ronic says:

    Man....if Hasbro got ideas. But knowing them, they'd probably have to make a DeceptiMisfits equivalent, and convert Soundwave (which I like to spell as SoundWave) into Pizzazz, and have Roxy and Jetta be the Cassetticons, or something. @.@

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