West Coast Avengers comparison

From today's review:

And for those who can't understand, here's what's wrong with Hank Pym's size:

Those are the same guy. Fix your scale, Hasbro!

And hey, why not, let's turn this into a real quick review of the Marvel Legends Retro Collection Series 3 Vision, while we're at it.

Behold the Vision! Stripped of his memories and rebuilt in spectral white, will the Vision prove friend or foe to his fellow Avengers?

The previous White Vision was only available in an extremely rare three-pack, so if nothing else, this is a great opportunity for more people to get him. The molds are all the same, and there's no transparency this time, but rather than just having outlines for his trunks and chest-diamond, they're painted light gray, same color used for his cape. It's not a great effect, really. The art on the card shows this the other way around, gray skin and white clothes, but really the toy should have just done the same colors for both. Even this little bit of contrast is too strong. Plain white, with outlines in this color. That'd be perfect! (And be sure to put a line around the gem on his forehead.) While the box set Vision only had fists, this one gets alternate open hands.

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7 Responses to West Coast Avengers comparison

  1. The review says this is the same Spider-Woman body as before with a new head, but it looks like the boxed one is on the Shriek body. She's got thicker legs & double hinged elbows.

    • Chris says:

      I believe its the new Black Widow body with the double jointed elbows and pinless joints. A new or different upper torso as well. Definitely not the same body as the previous figure and a welcome upgrade.

      • The Target Black Widow has a different lower torso too. How much needs to be changed before it's considered a distinct body?

        This new Spider-Woman II definitely has the same body as the new "retro" Spider-Woman I. I think they might all be the retooled Walgreens version of Moonstone's body.

        • Chris says:

          I see that now. The torso appears to be the original figure with the new limbs.

          Apparently according to yo in today’s Spider-woman/Super Skrull set review the definition of “body” is the lower torso only. So we have all been wrong this entire time.

          If this review had stated that the torso was reused but the limbs were new it wouldn’t be an issue. But rather than add an edit with a clarification yo pulled out some antiquated, obscure factoid and condescendingly twisted it to fit the original statement and prove himself right.

          • yo go re says:

            I'm sorry you feel condescended to, but the mistake wasn't just you (there really were a lot of people who wrote in), and so the gag wasn't just about you either. And if you think the WCA review should mention her different limbs, well, it already does. It has. It's right there above the paragraph break at the end of her section. There's no point in mentioning them a second time.

            Following the link to the Lady Deadpool review, that was five years ago. That's when I, personally, twigged to the "oh, duh, they're putting different chest on the same hips, I need to be more careful about identifying these" thing. And that's how we've been defining the uses ever since. This isn't anything new, nothing has changed, nothing has had to be redefined or twisted. We still count on everyone to point out errors when we definitely do make them; we just don't do corrections on something that was olready korrect...

        • Having seen the butt comparison, I now understand the Spider-Women aren't using the same body. I sit corrected & shouldn't have said "definitely" when I didn't have either update to compare.

          A clarification in the review that "body" only counts as the torso would've been helpful. I interpret "body" to be the overall body including extremities. "Same body" sounded dismissive & wrong in the review given the new limbs.

  2. Ai Muhao says:

    I quite appreciate this kind of comparison pic, because I have to admit sometimes I don't understand why a review mentions that a colour is "too vibrant" or "should be closer to this shade of (colour) than the one they used" and so on.

    Because, wow, what a difference for Tigra in particular, and how awful this version of the Silver Centurion armour looks compared to when it uses silver rather than white.

    My only quibble would be that height comparison of Hank Pym and Ant-Man. Was it not possible to actually have a pic of them standing side-by-side? I'm sure there's a reason (I believe in the past there's been mention that many figures go into storage?), but the way the two pictures are spliced together initially made me think that perhaps the angle of the shot just makes Hank *look* bigger.

    But then I noticed the other pics still show the other figures being the same height. Hahah.

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