Marvel TV Legends: "Secret Invasion" Nick Fury review

In the years following the Blip, a weary Fury must face his biggest and most personal challenge yet when he learns of the Skrulls' clandestine invasion of Earth.

I didn't hate Secret Invasion the way a lot of fans did, but it certainly wasted some opportunities (and no, I'm not just talking about the "we can only afford one movie star" thing). Like, the entire plot hinges on Fury being out of touch and for once not knowing everything that's going on, yeah? But the reason they give for that is simply that he's given up? That doesn't fit him at all! Say that while he was dusted, all his contacts left the espionage game (whether through retirement or through also being dust) and now he has to work without his former leverage and is trying to make contacts among a new generation who thinks he's passé - you know, like a spy story. Which this ostensibly was. But instead, let's repeat Falcon and Winter Soldier's weird "refugees are bad and dangerous" angle.

Man, if I thought Black Widow was boring, she's goddamn Priscilla Queen of the Desert compared to Fury. Black gloves, black turtleneck, black pants, black shoes, black overcoat preventing him from using any of his articulation. His coat is sculpted professionally, but man, this was not a design screaming out for a full-price action figure. [this series has only been out for a few weeks, but it's already in the "Clearance" section on Hasbro Pulse --ed.] You really have to wonder what the thinking was when the show gives Fury (what seems like is going to be) a big "we're going to my secret weapons cache and I'm gonna gear up" moment, and when it's over he looks exactly the same.

Hasbro could have given this figure an alternate head, one without his eyepatch and just his mysteriously-relocated scars and his milky eye, but they didn't. We'll have to content ourselves with his removable knit cap. That's actually more interesting than it sounds, since his other accessories are a couple of Glocks with muzzle flares and smoke. He's also got Hydra Stomper's left Build-A-Figure leg.

There are several ways Secret Invasion could have been really good, so it's a shame they weren't used. The same could be said of this action figure, so in that way, it's a perfect representation of the source material. Maybe you and I deserved a better toy, but the show didn't.

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