Save the Xevoz!!

A quick though somewhat late news item today - our good friends over at Millionare Playboy have gathered together to help Save the Xevoz, the awesome Hasbro line that combined all the coolest elements of the Stikfas with the popular 6" scale and captured our imaginations with their awesomeness, customisation and poseability.

Sadly, the line is in the can and your help is needed to show Hasbro that we love the line and want it to continue! In conjunction with a review of Xevoz Runeslayer vs. Firedrake, not being released in the US, MPb is getting the hordes together to protest the cancellation and giving you a chance to win this hard-to-get set! Simply take a photo of yourself with a sign protesting the poor move to cancel the line and send it to MPb to help keep the line alive and put yourself in the entry!

(No slander, cut-throat or nastiness, though, just love! Love for the toys!!) See the great entries so far here.

The contest is here but it finishes very soon (like, later today) so hurry and join the cause!

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