Another Xevoz custom - Stampede Blazer

(Yes, there used to be two customs in this post - but eMummy updated one, so we moved it to the new post.)

Hello, it's me again! Remember the hawflakes custom Xevoz designs we posted the other day? Here are another pair is another fun delivery, this time adding to the ranks of the Meta Beasts!

Stampede Blazer

That's a pretty nifty horse, isn't it? He and Quick Slinger could be partners! The features on the headdress might have blown the budget for paint applications, but the extra deer head (with removable antlers!!) would have made buying multiples worth it! Also, just think of the centaurs you could make by plugging a torso onto the neck. If there's one thing missing, though, it would have to be the outlandish "joke" weapons that make Xevoz so unique.

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