What if another company made LotR figures?

In honor of the long-awaited release of NECA's Balrog, we reviewed ToyBiz's Balrog Battle Gandalf, and now we're having a bit of fun.

See, I maintain that the LotR line is the best movie-based toy series since Star Wars, and that no one but ToyBiz could have done as well with it. So that led to our new diversion. Here are some examples:

If McFarlane made LotR, they would have done a multi-figure diorama, then short-packed one of the pieces needed to finish it. Two of the characters would use the same body, with a different hand. But you'd still have to buy them both. The first Two Towers case would be heavily-packed with more Fellowship of the Ring figures. They would have made a Balrog, but it wouldn't have been in scale with anything else.

If Mattel made LotR, the first few waves would be hobbit after hobbit, with "jungle-fighting Frodo" or "battle armor Sam." Everyone else would be shortpacked so badly that it would kill the line, until later characters like um, the elves or Saruman, were released as non-poseable in-scale statues.

If Hasbro made LotR figures, they would have been 3" tall. Then they would have been discontinued, replaced by 8" cartoon versions and brought back as 3" exclusives.

If Zizzle made LotR figures, the 3" toys would be sculpted better than McFarlane statues, but the 6" toys would look like something Playmates did in 1987.

Play along on our message board or post your own contributions here. Everyone is fair game!

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