The rings of the Mandarin

Okay, so you've read today's Iron Man vs. Mandarin review, and you know that Mandarin wears 10 rings of power. But what are they?

Right Pinkie
Black Light: field of confusing blackness
Right Ring Finger
Disintegration Beam: matter destroyer
Right Middle Finger
Vortex Beam: causes rapid air movement
Right Index Finger
Impact Beam: delivers powerful blows
Right Thumb
Matter Rearranger: changes state phase of some elements

Left Thumb
White Light: acts like a cutting laser
Left Index Finger
Flame Blast: high power infrared beam
Left Middle Finger
Electro-Blast: high-frequency electric bolts
Left Ring Finger
Mental Intensifier: control the minds of others
Left Pinkie
Ice Blast: stunning cold

If you had the Mandarin's rings, which would be your favorite?

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