OAFEnet Update for Thursday, February 15

The OAFEnet Email Update eats all the good chocolates first.

Valentine's Day came and went this week, and a whole bunch of people got their first real snow of winter. Both excellent reasons to stay inside! Once all your... other indoor activities were concluded, we had plenty of newness to shoot at your eyeballs.

  • It's Toy Fair time, and of course, we're providing our annual Armchair Toy Fair Coverage: basically, we link to other people's photos and provide the commentary that they glossed over. It makes us feel superior. Swill your chardonnay!
  • When is a ripoff not a ripoff? When it's a parody, because then it's legally protected. But what happens when a parody becomes more popular than whatever it is that was being parodied? Death match!
  • Every time you think Rustin's insanity has reached rock bottom, he pulls a shovel out of his pocket and merrily starts digging. What dumbfounding opinion has he expressed this time? Only one place to find out.
  • Sunday's review is either very good, or very bad. Or maybe both. That's a pretty wishy-washy description, isn't it? Too bad, it's all you get.
  • Transformers Tuesday took full advantage of our Old Toys Month theme by going all the way back to G1 - sort of. Get real tiny.
  • This may be the evilest, most hated WWEdnesday ever.
  • And speaking of wrestling toys, yo is offering to help you get a free one.
  • Finally, a review of a character introduced in the '70s, whose toy came out years ago from a company that doesn't even hold the license any more. Retro!

That's all for now, but next week, you can expect more of the same - we're nothing if not predictable.

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