OAFEnet Update for Thursday, November 29

You survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but are you ready for the horror of OAFEnet Email Update Thursday?

  • Since comics are shipping on Thursday this week, we'll actually get things started with the weekly feature we never get to share via email: "This Week in Comicshops"
  • By popular demand (and the law of averages) we finished our Fantastic Four reviews this week. Our first review was one of their oldest enemies.
  • Have you seen the newest announced line from McFarlane Toys? It looks suspiciously similar to something some of Todd's former employees put together.
  • Our second FF review was one of their oldest enemies.
  • Hasbro almost managed to sneak out pictures of upcoming Superhero Squad figures without anyone noticing. Almost.
  • We kept our promise of 12 new Transformers Tuesday reviews this month, capped off with this week's entry. Bask in the end of the marathon run.
  • Been to Target lately? They have some huge new exclusives that are worth your attention.
  • Our final review of the week is, of course, part of the FF series, and is also one of their oldest enemies. You notice a pattern here?

It's almost the end of the year, and that means it'll soon be time for OAFEnet's annual ToY Awards: the Toy of the Year. You can make your voice heard in five categories, and they're all available right now. Winners will be announced at the end of December, so you have just a few weeks to decide what you thought the year's highlights were.

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