Soon Forget: TMNT Jagwar

This is the latest in a series (of indefinite length and regularity) of blog posts memorializing cancelled toys. Our figure today is Playmates Toys' TMNT Jagwar.

A popular character from the Archie comics, Jagwar was being pitched for the toyline by Stephen Murphy and Michael Dooney as far back as 1989.

Earlier this year, Murphy announced that Playmates finally had plans to create a Jagwar figure, done in the style of the new CGI film.

Unfortunately, word has now come down that the line is being reduced in size, so two of the figures had to be scrapped - and sadly, Jagwar was one of them. Reached for comment, Playmates sent the following:

Thanks for your comments and dedication to Jagwar, indeed he is a great character and deserves his chance on the toy aisle. However, Playmates Toys in conjunction with Mirage Studios, the rights-holders to all things TMNT, must abide by certain guidelines set forth by creator Peter Laird. Peter is especially fond of Jagwar and a select group of other TMNT characters, and as such, wants to wait for the perfect time to release any product representing their likeness. While we aren’t sure when this time will be, we understand that keeping Jagwar and other such characters out of the lime-light for now will actually maintain the unique value they hold in the TMNT universe. Rest assured, your dedication has not gone unnoticed and when the time is right, Jagwar will come full swing again in the world of TMNT. Hopefully our efforts to maintain the integrity of Jagwar and other such characters will result in something that’s worth waiting for!

So it sounds like this one is out of their hands.

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