Heath Ledger's "Joker" Action Figures Sell Out

Eager Batman fans snap them up within minutes of toys going on sale...

Action figures of Heath Ledger's Joker character in the upcoming Batman movie have sold out within minutes of them going on sale.

Devotees of the comicbook series lined up early to clear shelves of the $9.99 toy, which shows Ledger in his final completed role before his premature death in January from an accidental drug overdose, aged just 29.

An employee of Times Square's Toys R Us store says: "There are none left in the warehouse. You will be waiting a while if you want one."

Some fans are believed to be buying up stock, convinced the figure is a collector's item, whereas others are selling them on auction site eBay for up to $55 each.

Ledger will be seen as The Joker alongside Christian Bale's Batman in The Dark Knight, which hits movie theatres worldwide in July.

Okay, that's a nice piece of sensationalism, but does anyone else notice anything amiss with it? Where were these "devotees" lining up? And how did they know when the figures would be going on sale? The Dark Knight didn't have a street date, so it's not like there was a countdown - the things came out when they came out. Yes, Joker's hard to find, but that always happens with a film's villain. Maybe this goes along with the rumors of the figure's cancellation. Anyway, check out yo's review of the figure here.

(From gossipy Hollywood news source WENN)

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