The Seventh Kingdom

Since today's Elephant Soldiers review is third in our series of Seventh Kingdom Sundays, it seems like a good time to explain just what the Seventh Kingdom is. Here, from the back of the packaging, is the official story:

In the infancy of time, the world was made of one great continent. As civilizations prospered and grew, the world's people separated into six enormous kingdoms. As some kingdoms expanded, so did their hunger for power.

Bloody battles raged for centuries, resulting in nothing but death and frustration. When the devastating effects of these wars finally became too unbearable, a plan was devided to end the bloodshed once and for all. The kingdoms would combine their power to shatter the very land they fought for into six equal parts. However, when plan was indeed realized, a grave miscalculation was made.

Six equal continents were created, but central to all of them was a seventh continent, bigger than the rest. It was a land that breathed an incomprehensible new power. Because of the new unpredictability of this power, the kingdoms vowed this terrain was never to be stepped foot upon. Until now...

Growing doubts about the creation and evolution of the seven separate realms have infected some with a renewed thirst for power. Quests for power have turned once again into battles, and those battles have transformed into wars. In these troubled times one thing is for certain - the wars will not end until a legendary power is unleashed.

The power of the Seventh Kingdom!

Neat, huh? You get the sense the Four Horsemen are building to something. And since 7th Kingdom is becoming its own toyline, maybe we'll even find out what that something is.

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