Lego Minifigure identification chart

Howdy howdy, blockheads! As you're surely aware, Lego has gotten in on the collectible figure game, releasing the first series of individually packaged Minifigures. They've been available in Europe for a while now, but they're finally starting to show up in the US. There are 16 different figures, and they're all very cool. The only downside? They're blind-packed: you don't know what you're getting until you buy them.

Luckily, like the Figure Factory toys, there's a way to tell what's what (if you're a giant nerd). Each package has the same UPC and Item #, but there's also a second barcode in the upper right hand corner on the back of the bag, and that will tell you what's inside.

The barcodes for the mainland European releases were cracked a while ago, but they're not the same on our releases. Jerks. Anyway, we want to help, so we're going to provide a handy, printable chart of which UPC equals which minifig:

We'll add the others once we have them. If you have any of the missing codes, let us know.

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