ATFC - Thundercats are coming

The London Toy Fair is going on, and someone over at the ThunderCats Lair has shared some surreptitious photos from the Bandai display. Most of them are too small and blurry to make out, so we've just stolen the most interesting one:

Those are the character designs for the new show. Surely some fanboys will hate them, but a stylish update is always welcome!

Be sure to visit ThunderCats Lair to see what there is to see - including a nearly 8" tall "Classic" style Lion-O, which suggests that Bandai will be pandering to us old fans, as well!

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  1. yo go re says:

    An 8" line? Really? Is it that freaking hard to make toys that are properly in scale with other toys?! 6" Six inches is the standard!

    But more than the issue of scale, Bandi (this is Bandi, right?) doesn't have the best track record with making large toys that look good. Just look at the Teen Titans and Power Rangers toys. They'll need to step their game up a bit to make these worth buying for anything other than empty nostalgic reasons...

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