First Transformers: Prime toys appear

Hasbro decided to throw fans a bone yesterday, showing off the first TF: Prime figures. of course, rather than showing them off themselves, or sending the images to fansites, the reveals were spread around on various pop-culture sites:

The Megs/Prime pack also include the show's three humans. Really, Hasbro? Transformers Animated was the first TF show in ever where the majority of the fans didn't hate the humans, and it never got a single fleshling - hero or villain - but Prime, which has only aired five episodes and is already engendering a vocal dislike of the meat-based sidekicks, gets them in the first wave of releases? That's not cool.

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2 Responses to First Transformers: Prime toys appear

  1. Monty Prime says:

    The toys look pretty great, which is surprising given the complexity of the designs.

  2. yo go re says:

    I'm not crazy about the Optimus/Megatron/humans set, and that's unusual for me - I usually love to get both leaders at once. But Optimus looks supremely simplistic, and I don't like that you can see Megatron's head in his altmode.

    Arcee and Bumblebee look awesome, though...

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