GI Joe Movie Watch 2 - GI Joe 2 gets a (potential) title, the promotional site for New Orleans, posted a little snippet today announcing that Louisianna's office of film and video had announced that GI Joe 2 would be filming in the Big Easy starting in August. Then, a few hours later, they retracted the story at Paramount's request, because no final decision had been made. Anyway, the important part of the whole situation is that the first announcement gave a name to the sequel:

GI Joe 2: Cobra Strikes.

Not bad, huh? It keeps the word "Cobra" in the title, and unlike Revenge of the Fallen, it's not embarrassed about identifying itself with a "2."

It's important to remember that this is just a tentative title. Movies shoot under temp names all the time, so until the name is officially announced, this is just a rumor. Not a bad one, though.

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  1. yo go re says:

    Ah-ha! After two months of having to remind people that this WASN'T THE FINAL TITLE, the same thing has been confirmed by writer Rhett Reese. See, this is why it pays to actually READ what these links say...


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