OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, May 19

Haters gonna hate, OAFEnet Email Update's gonna update.

  • This week's Joe Friday caused some confusion: people looking at our "New" page kept thinking it was a certain highly-anticipated videogame release.
  • Look! Down under the ground! It's a worm! It's a (subway) train! It's... Super Zombie!
  • Marvel Monday was a review of an old exclusive, from a line we've NEVER covered before!
  • Then, Transformers Tuesday was from a line we'll probably never cover again. Gotta love that parallel structure.
  • Rustin's "Spoils" post this week is heavy on the Lego, with a bit of comicbookery thrown in for good measure.
  • And finally, a review that saw us teasing readers with an image of Jeff Bridges on the front page. Do we know how to pander or what!

If you haven't been to our blog this week, you've missed THREE new reviews, including a second Marvel Monday and a doubled-up DCU. There's also news of a new vote that will let you decide the contents of a future exclusive. So go to http://blog.oafe.net/ to see what wonderfulness you've been missing.

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