DC Universe Classics 17: Orange Lantern Lex Luthor review

As Black Lanterns spread across the globe, Lex Luthor was hunted down by hundreds of his rivals rising from the grave. The Orange Ring of Avarice chose Lex Luthor, the greediest, most self-serving man on the planet, and granted him the power to defeat his undead attackers. As an Orange Lantern, Lex Luthor can never be content, always wanting more including the Power Rings of his allies.

This figure is, at its core, a re-use of the DC Superheroes Series 4 Lex Luthor figure, which is a mold we haven't seen in quite a long time! As long as you don't count the MotU vs DC two-pack. Or the other two-pack with Supergirl. However, there are a lot more new pieces than we were expecting: the entire upper torso is new, with a much more rounded armor than the old figure had. His skirt is a new piece, as well, accurately reflecting the cut and the diamond pattern seen on Lex's Orange Lantern armor in the comics. Sorry for doubting you, Four Horsemen! Lex still has the inexplicable block on his left thigh - what's that meant for, anyway? Clearly something was meant to be glued on there, but it never has been.

Like the DC Direct Orange Lantern Lex Luthor, this figure is cast in translucent orange plastic, with only his head painted. It's a new head, not the same from DCSH4, but honestly, DC Direct's was better - that manic quality really suited the character. Heck, the old Mattel head was better, by virtue of its expression being less neutral (but this one has a good range of motion and re-use potential, which is a combo neither of the others we've compared it to can claim).

The new pieces allow for an improved range of motion from the articulation, with one exception. The new skirt no longer restricts the hips, and the new chest really takes advantage of the balljoint in the torso. The figure can even look straight ahead, instead of down at the ground! This is great! So what's the problem? The right arm. It was retooled to have an Orange Lantern ring on the figure, but for some reason that also means it doesn't have a swivel joint at the top of the glove. It was there in DCSH4, it's there in the left arm, but not the right. What the huh? He also includes an Orange Lantern batteryeven though there's only one in the entire universe, and Larfleeze would never let it go. It's a new sculpt, with has no handle, so he has to carry it like a football.

The DCUC Series 17 build-a-figure is the Anti-Monitor, and Lex comes with the left leg, so we'll say the same stuff now we said with Scarecrow: it's a big piece, with a fine sculpt, but the silver of the thigh doesn't match the grey of the upper hip. Maybe it will be covered by a large belt or something, and not as obvious on the assembled figure.

Lex Luthor, surprisingly, turned out great. This is much more than the glorified repaint we were expecting. Judicious use of new parts has really elevated what could have been a rather disappointing translucent figure into one of the best from this Series. He may be lacking one key point of articulation, but the improvements on others make up for it.

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5 Responses to DC Universe Classics 17: Orange Lantern Lex Luthor review

  1. Cajetas says:

    The block was meant to hold the kryptonite gun...no?

  2. kantboy2 says:

    The block on the left thigh was meant for an alternate freeze gun that the DCSH Mr. Freeze was meant to have but it never made it past the sculpting stage.

  3. Doctor Mobius says:

    As I recall, the orange lantern has no handle so that it's owner must clutch it to themselves as a symbol of avarice. "Don't touch it! It's mine, Mine, MINE!!!"

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