Five years later, a Superman variant explained

In the Superman: The Motion Picture Anthology box set, you'll be able to see this alternate opening scene from Superman Returns:

The scene really does a good job capturing the feel of Bryan Singer's movie - in other words, it's interminably boring and almost 100% divorced from anything that makes Superman Superman. It would have been a perfect opening, warning audiences of what was to come when there was still time to go out to the lobby and get their money back.

But more importantly, it finally explains what the hell was up with that exclusive "Space Suit Kal-El" figure from Toys Я Us when the movie came out. It seemed at the time like one of those generic silver repaints Hasbro liked to do, just from Mattel. But no, it turns out that really was a movie-accurate figure, just from a scene we never saw.

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  1. Pete says:

    Now someone explain DCSH black-suit Superman!

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