Zombie Attack Barbie

Remember when we showed you Atheist Barbie? Here's another in the same vein:

From the 1950s onwards girls were encouraged to hone their zombie slaughtering skills in preparation for the inevitable apocalypse. Though young ladies dispose of the undead with ease today, toys such as Mattel's 1962 "Zombie Attack Barbie" were instrumental in helping to habituate girls to a new social norm where zombie disposal would become a very necessary life skill.

Now a collector's item "Zombie Attack Barbie" played a salient role in ensuring the survival of countless young girls who grew up ready and willing to slaughter the zombie menace. This much-loved toy still holds fond memories for so many of the lovely ladies from our Zombie Clearance Squads today.

And for you real toy nerds out there, notice that Barbie is armed with Shaun's cricket bat and the Hazard-Viper's suitcase full of canisters. How fun!

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