Scarlet Witch addendum: Multiverse of Madness Series 2

Despite what yo implied in today's Scarlet Witch review, it's not necessarily spoilers for her role in the movie that kept us from getting a toy for so long. Perhaps instead, they were planning a second series of movie figures, and she was going to be part of it. Who could have been in it?

  • Well, Scarlet Witch, obviously, that's why we're posting this imaginary list in the first place.
  • "Casual" Earth-838 Wanda, using those Jessica Jones molds we haven't seen in a while. Cover her in Ultron blood lubricant for the full effect.
  • The Illuminati. We already got Mordo in the first series, so why not his teammates?
    • Black Bolt would need new molds, but give him an alternate head.
    • Mr. Fantastic, also new molds, but no money for "spaghetti" parts.
    • Captain Marvel would be a repainted Carol Danvers body from the first movie, so that would help save some budget for all that new stuff.
  • Earth-838 Doctor Strange in his blue costume and blue cape. Include an alternate "credits scene" head we can give to the first series' Strange.
    • Alternately, make Blue Strange a store exclusive (he's blue, so... Walmart?) and give this slot to Sinister Strange, the evil version with the third eye.
  • Our final figure would be the Defender Strange figure with darker paint and a zombie head, which would also tie into the Build-A-Figure for the series:
  • Assuming Shuma-Gorath is too complicated to make as a BAF, we'll take a cue from Vulture and Falcon, and have every figure come with some arms for Strange's Zombie Cape. Cast them in translucent black plastic and have them all plug together behind the figure's back.

As for the incomplete Illuminati team, Professor X and his chair would be too large to do, so bump him for a deluxe set. And we didn't include Captain Carter, since she would basically just be the What If...? figure with the addition of a jetpack. Maybe offer her as a store exclusive. Or in a set with Charles.

But hey, there you go, an entire second series of movie figures, just waiting to be made. It could still happen: MoM came out after No Way Home, and that movie has all its spoiler figures coming out later this year, so maybe we'll hear about this lineup soon.

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