GI Joe in Lego form

Remember when we showed you the Lego Shaun of the Dead set? Now here's this:

This project, like Shaun, is part of Lego's new CUUSOO program - a way for fan-designed projects to become reality. You register with the site, tell them you like something, and when a project gets 10,000 supporters, Lego tries to make it happen. Right now the GI Joe Legos, designed by "mikenap," only have 68 supporters - but they deserve a lot more. Look at the ideas for Cobra Troopers, and even one potential vehicle:

Look at that! It's so cool! If that stupid-ass Minecraft set can get made, then this can, too. Spread the word, sign up for the site and show it some love. If nothing else, it'll give us bricky military vehicles that aren't made by some knockoff company.

Now you know.

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8 Responses to GI Joe in Lego form

  1. MontyPla says:

    While this would be awesome, it's pretty unlikely now that Hasbro has the Kre-O stuff. Maybe we'll get some similar Kre-O sets when the second GI Joe movie comes out?

  2. jestergoblin says:

    LEGO won't do anything with realistic guns.

  3. Coming in late here, I know.
    Lego doesn't make realistic military weapons, they're anti-gun. Although GI Joe is fantasy, there are several elements of realistic militarized themes that Lego won't do. This idea is GREAT in itself; The minifigs are awesome, I loved the swords & crossbow but someone needs "fantasy up" the uzi/m-16/shotgun stuff for Lego to even consider it. Keep in mind the cartoon used laser-fire instead of bullets.
    Don't Give Up.

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