New Marvel Legends available

Everybody is going crazy trying to find the new relaunch of Hasbro's Marvel Legends, and so far only Toys Я Us has them - for $17.99 ($19.99 at bump up stores). Not cool. But there is a solution.

Target is also getting the Legends, and they have them at a much more reasonable $14.99. But the thing is, they're holding them back until they do their next aisle reset. The DPCI number is 087-06-2403; you can put that into one of the scanners located in the store and it will tell you if there are any in the stockroom, which is very handy. If the computer says they have the figures, you can ask someone to get them out of the back for you (there's no street date on the figures, so you should be able to buy them even though they weren't put out yet).

But wait! To save yourself some gas money, you can even check your local store's availability online! Go to this page and put in your zipcode, and it will tell you which local stores have them in stock. Just remember, "available" doesn't mean they'll be on shelves, it just means they've been delivered and checked into the store's inventory system. You'll still have to ask someone to get them out for you.

There are seven figures in the series, and eight figures in the case: that means each box has two Iron Men. And Hasbro is still doing the variant case thing, where a single case will have either all the variants or none of them - so that would be Stealth Iron Man, Steve Rogers with a clear shield, and Ghost Rider with orange flames.

These figures all look great: the packaging is beautiful and the figures look like a return to the Marvel Legends of old. I haven't opened them yet, but so far it's a huge jump up from what Hasbro gave us before...

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  1. Chris says:

    Tried it this morning. Got a full box at target. Wave 1 is one of the best full sets of marvel legends ever. Wave 2 looks a bit more hit or miss for me.

  2. it worked- could only afford a couple right now, but got Steve Rogers with a clear shield, and Hope. Saw two Stealth Iron Men, and Ghost Rider with orange flames in the box though.

    • yo go re says:

      Ooh, I haven't decided if I want to try to find Clear-Shield Cap, or be happy with the one I have...

      • Chris says:

        The paint appears very minor in difference (regular cap has a very dark blue, which I thought was black from a distance).

        The real question is does the clear shield make it worth it. Personally I dont think so.

        • yo go re says:

          But as someone else pointed out, did he ever use the solid shield while he was Not-Cap? We'll probably see plenty of that shield in the future, but this may be the only shot at the forcefield one...

          • Wargeymon says:

            Yeah I agree with yo, in only the next wave(that is supposed to come really soon in the end of this quarter) the Bucky cap seems to have the same shield as the regular Steve Rogers cap.

  3. Deus Ex Macaroni says:

    $17.99?? I wish! Even twenty bucks wouldn't be so bad...try $21.99 at TRU in Anchorage, AK. $140 and change for a full set. C'mon tax refund!! But none of the 3 Targets in the state have them yet, and I've never mastered delayed gratification. Actually, once you factor in shipping from the lower 48, I probably came out ahead.

    The figures themselves ARE pretty damn cool though; Thor is HUGE-he's just as big as the assembled Terrax, about 8" or so. Iron man, on the other hand, seems puny by comparison. He's the shortest and lightest figure in the set. Did not see any of the variants on the rack. Something to look out for, I guess.

  4. DaveyDaken89 says:

    i'm waiting on my steve rogers at the moment, before i buy anymore, i wanna know what the quality is like? anyone give me an idea?

  5. GL3600 says:

    This worked for me too......gave them the # at Target, they brought out the box from the back. It was the variant case, so I got the clear shield Steve, Stealth Iron Man, Orange Ghost Rider. One thing I noticed, my Steve Rogers has something that looks like an infinity symbol on his left hand under the glove. I can't find anything about it online; is it just a QC issue?

  6. Black arbor says:

    I just tried this trick and it worked! It was only a regular case ( no electro shield Steve for me .sad ) but still a genius idea. A million thanks Yo go re!

  7. onslaught says:

    I'm about to go out and try that, so wish me luck.

    Any suggestions on variant/no variant for the figures? I hoping for a clear shield cap, but the other two I'm not sure about


  8. Newbie says:

    Thanx yo! You are awesome! I got the variant case, aare you going to try to do this again in the future with other waves? Thanx:D

  9. onslaught says:

    It worked for me too. Is the Thor worth picking up if I already own the marvel select version? It looked good, but I wasn't sure. The rest are great, without paint problems or loose joints. Just watch for the paint on Hope, the green-yellow combo is dangerous.


  10. LucasGFX says:

    Just got back from Target. They pulled the case for me and got the 4 figures from the wave i wanted. Thanks for the tip!

  11. googum says:

    Awesome! Got orange-Ghostie and clear-shield Steve today, thanks a bunch!

  12. yo go re says:

    Some Targets put the stuff out on the 24th, others are still holding back. I used the code again today to get the variant Steve, and will be returning the normal one...

  13. madmouth says:

    so do the reviews already 🙂

    i just love reading those before i buy any of my stuff 😀
    helps me decide...

    • Wargreymon says:

      Yea yo do the reviews! I have already purchased them but I have not opened most of them, please review them:D Is there a similar code for wave 2 'cause my Target doesn't have them on shelves yet.

  14. Wargreymon says:

    Im guessing the reviews will be out tommorow for marvel Monday right?

  15. madmouth says:

    so far we only have iron man, and hawk and dove from wave 20 dcu..checking everyday for an update :p

  16. Truthis316 says:

    Thanks a lot Yo!!!!
    I was able to complete wave 1 this way. Still looking for wave 2 though.

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