OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, February 9

The OAFEnet Email Update: collect them, trade them, show them to your friends.

Its Old Toys Month, and we have new header image to go along with it. Can you recognize the toy packaging it references without being told?

  • To get in the Old Toys Month spirit, we started with a truly old Joe Friday.
  • Then it was one of the biggest '80s icons around.
  • Remember last summer when yo go re opened that old box of toys? This was one of the reviews you most wanted to see.
  • Marvel Monday also came out of the box. We'll be doing several of these this month, so keep watching.
  • This figure may be overpriced, but at least it's not very much fun, either. That's Transformers Tuesday for ya!
  • Our WWEdnesday review seems to have missed the point of the guy it represents.
  • And we close out the week with a set of figures funded entirely by the internet. ZOMG!

A lot of really great stuff went up on the blog this week, beyond just Rustin's usual "Spoils" post: there's a secret about Walmart, an Old Toys Month review, the new Previews catalog, and some KILLER fan art.

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