Xevoz Series 5: Glacier Scout

Toy Fair starts tomorrow. You know what we won't get to see there? Xevoz.

This poor fellow, who either would have been called Glacier Scout or Arctic Tracker, has never been seen in physical form - just the two pieces of art seen here. He's clearly a Meta Beast designed to work in the high snowy mountains. His white fur contrasts really well with the dark blue/purple of his outfit, and his yellow goggles would help protect his eyes from the glare. Look at his back - he's got a pair of rocket skis strapped back there! You just know he'd be able to wear them on his feet, too. Would he have come with ski poles to use with them? An ice axe, maybe? The world may never know! We do know he'd have a gun, though, because it's visible in that big piece of art.

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