Xevoz customs - The Steam Age

eMummy's outdone himself this time, creating a full two-pack! Here, in his own words:

Has something gone missing and you don't know where it is? Perhaps it is the work of Crime Traveler, hailing from Atlantia's past. This savy thief uses stolen time technology to steal objects from different time periods she doesn't think any one will miss... or will they? Her stolen future technology enhanced weapons give her the edge in battle. She also happens to make an excellent nanny and runs a very efficient household.

Her partner is the intimidating Cast Chronographer who can reconfigure himself as a time machine or cast-iron contraption with the strength of a locomotive. Their escapades are one for the history books. Just good luck trying to throw the book at them.

It's steampunk villain Mary Poppins and her Transformer time machine! By themselves, either of these would have been awesome; she's got a big robot arm, and an alternate corset torso, plus that multi-part bustle and big cool guns, and he's a mechanical man that doesn't half look like a steam engine stood up and started walking around! What's not to like on either of them? The fact that you can rebuild the robot into a Time Machine OR A &*$@#*ING BICYCLE for her to ride is amazing amazing amazing!

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