Seventh Kingdom Sundays - a wrap-up

So in honor of the long-awaited release of the Four Horsemen's FANtastic Exclusive 2007 figures, we've been running a little feature called "Seventh Kingdom Sundays": every week, a member of the Anitherian Nine was our featured review. You probably saw the specialized banners at the top of every page. But every week we also posted a related feature here on our blog. So here for the first time, in one easy place, take a look at all our Seventh Kingdom content.

May 11
Point of Articulation: March of the Elephants

May 18

FANtastic 2007 weapons vote

May 25

Elephant Soldiers
The story of the Seventh Kingdom

June 1

The Shield of Draumm
The Seventh Kingdom map

June 8

The Gauntlet of Vaskkh
FE2007 cardback art

June 15

The Helm of Xaanm
FE2007 naming conventions

June 22

Mutant Soldiers
figure construction

June 29

The Chalice of Guudenuph

There were a few other things we tried to post for you, but just couldn't get together in time. Still, that's not a bad run, all things considered. And stay tuned, because we may just have a surprise for you next week.

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