Transformers Runabout and Runamuck addendum

After reading my Runabout review, a lot of you were surprised or confused by my "only one version of a mold" thing. What, you haven't read every review we've ever posted? You don't remember the review from September 12, 2006? I count on your obsessive completist mentality to allow me to keep half-assing these reviews!

Anyway, why do I only buy one version of any given Transformers mold? Because for me, it's more about the engineering than the character, so if I have it once, I'm good. That's why I was fine with Sparkcrusher and Shadow Striker instead of Warpath and Wheelie, and why I didn't buy Generations Blurr (because I already had Dorifuto-san). So not buying more than one version of a Transformer mold is my own rule, my own personal "I before E except after C."

But hey, here's an OAFEnet fun fact: there are 167 words in English that have the "cei" in them (and only six of them in common use); 923 words have "cie" and 2,606 words have "ei" after something OTHER than C; that's 21 times as many words that break the rule as follow it, meaning it's not much of a rule at all, now is it? And similarly, here's are a bunch of Transformers I've bought that use the same mold as ones I already owned:

...aaaand that's off the top of my head. (And our Reviews page, of course.) There may be others I'm not remembering right now. The point being, for all my talk about not buying duplicates, I've sure got an ass-load of them, huh?

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4 Responses to Transformers Runabout and Runamuck addendum

  1. yo go re says:

    Just because I know someone's going to ask, some examples of words that don't follow the rule:



    And so on in that fashion. And the six common words that do follow the rule?

    1. ceiling
    2. conceive
    3. deceive
    4. perceive
    5. receive
    6. receipt

    That's it...

  2. PrfktTear says:

    I think with Transformers its almost impossible to avoid buying the same mold twice --- that is if you want specific characters. I remember you first talking about this "rule", which I never really understood the reasoning behind it --- but I do understand it now.

    I don't mind it so much if its a solid mold, good design, fun to transform, etc. To be honest I wasn't such a fan of this mold with Tracks --- but I thought it fit Wheeljack nicely. This guy looks good tho.

  3. AmericanHyena says:

    You reeeeeeeally should give Blurr a chance. It's worth it just for the guns. Also his giant feet coupled with his articulation mean you actually CAN get some great running poses out of him.

  4. Libros says:

    Combiner wars must really be leaving you chomping at the bit then huh?

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