BMOG: Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalts

Who doesn't love having lots of cool weapons for their toys to wield? There's only one thing better, and that's having a place to put the weapons when you're not using them. This Kickstarter project aims to fill both those needs.

The guys behind it, Trent Troop and M Sipher, are apparently legit members of the Transformers community, so this isn't just someone trying to glom onto the style. They've worked with Fun Publications (doing creative stuff, not any of the problematic behind-the-scenes mishegas), and it looks like a lot of thought has gone into the product. The "combining weapon" gimmick is a clever take on the idea, and it suits the properties they're trying to tie in with.

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  1. Soundwinder says:

    I don't care if they call it a bear. It's still going to be a Ravage made out of guns to me.

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