Rustin's Spoils of the Week #146

SDCC has been a bit of a mixed bag for shopping the last couple of years, but Comic-Con 2014 turned out to be remarkably fortuitous for me. I think that's mainly because I had held off on certain lines or hadn't found others at retail which put me in a position to jump on deals at a couple booths offering full sets of figures. Sure the deals weren't astounding but in effect that knocked down the prices of high-interest figures (like Rocket Racoon, for instance) so that the set netted out to the equivalent of retail cost - which I'm a-okay with. Last week we looked at the first batch of my non-exclusive purchases, so lets us continue that trend - join me, dear friend, pleasant reader, peruser of the internet and scroll ye down into the untold depths of rampant Con haulage!

Funko - Game of Thrones: Danaeyrs Targaren
DanaerysI have a huge problem - it's nearly impossible for me to divorce what I'd imagined while reading a book so I effectively hate the Game of Thrones show because "they got everything wrong." There is, however, no denying that Funko's freshman offering in the world of collector-grade action figures is nothing short of impressive, so once I was able to snag the con-exclusive Tyrion the deal I made with myself was to complete the set. This is a very well sculpted and excellently painted figure of "Dothraki Dany" but that likeness is notably off to me, alas. However, that's something I can roll with - what really hurts the figure is the inclusion of only one dragon - I mean... what!? I would have much sooner taken a set of the three eggs because to do one of the dragons is like packing Donald Duck with just Huey; like packing a Jedi with only a lightsaber hilt; like packing Leonardo with only one sword. It's just conspicuous as hell - particularly since there is no indication they'll release the other two. Still though, a good figure despite being incomplete.

Funko - Game of Thrones: The Hound
HoundThis is one of those "they got this character so wrong" for me things, I mean look at how minimal his scaring is... I mean come on, guys! Still, this is the figure that "broke me" and convinced to buy in because he looks so excellent as a knight figure! So, of course he was that only one that broke on me (breakages are notoriously common on this line). His left arm broke right off at the shoulder and his front-hanging scabbard popped right off the first time I tried to put his sword in it... parumph! Still though, the sculpt and paint is excellent, and he looks "normal" with his helmet on or off - a pretty hard thing to pull off in action figures. The helmet is the absolute highlight of the figure, it slips on perfectly (and other than the head/visor is actually rubber, though it doesn't look it) the hinged "jaw" works perfectly. His hands are a bit tight so it's tough to get him to hold the swords. Despite the breakages and regardless of my design qualms this is a pretty iconic and great figure.

Funko - Game of Thrones: Jon Snow
Jon SnowLike Dany, there is just something "off" about this dude's head. His outfit looks pretty bulky so it was quite a surprise to see how poseable he is! Bearclaw turned out pretty nice too (for what it is) and fits well within the sheath. It's just a bummer about the head, since it's quite unlikely they'd make another Jon anytime soon.

Funko - Game of Thrones: White Walker
White WalkerMuch like the Hound, this is one of things things the show got "horribly wrong" based on how I read the book but I'll be damned if that figure doesn't look awesome. Cold Mummy? I'll take it! This guy is certainly the poster-boy for the show's Walkers but I'm given to understand he's not much of a battle builder, which is bummer since he looks so neat. There is some wonky proportions around the waist and the spear does seem oddly short, but I'll roll with it since the overall figure looks so neat. Great sculpt + great paint = great figure!

Funko - Game of Thrones: Edard Stark
NedAnd then there's this guy... Everything about this feels like a McFarlane figure. Kind of soft details, kind of odd proportions, kind of "off" likeness. And it's a boring costume, but what are your going to do? It's nice to have an Neddy but this is definitely the least of the figures (and that's including bizarrely scene-specific Tyrion).

Hasbro - Guardians of the Galaxy: Iron Man
Iron ManWell this was a shockingly ball-less figure to include. Aside from the base argument of "there are plenty of figure-worthy characters in the movie" this is just one of the blandest Iron Man armors I've seen (not too mention how cheap it is they put him on the Guardians anyway). This isn't a figure anyone wanted. I can't tell if it's a repaint or not (aside from the head and shoulder pads) but it looks like it could or should be. Just boring as hell - no wonder it's keep all those cold pegs so very warm.

Hasbro - Guardians of the Galaxy: Nova
NovaWOW - this figure surprisingly cool! A fully unique sculpt (so eff you, you terrible Marvel Universe version) and cast in a gorgeous pearlescent dark blue. Plus, tons of articulation that all works very well. It's no surprise this was the big seller from the line - if I could fine another I'd be tempted to get it! This is the textbook definition of what we want from Marvel Legends.

Hasbro - Guardians of the Galaxy: Drax
DraxPerhaps the biggest surprise in the Guardians of the Galaxy is how great Drax is and likewise this figure is the surprise breakout of the toy line too! A very nice sculpt with remarkably good paint for how intricate the tattoo/scars are; what is really the shock here how damnably poseable this guy is! Arguably the most poseable figure Hasbro has made since... well, I can't even remember a figure this fun! I would have gotten a second figure already if I was solidly hoping for a reissue in the blue pants for the rumored second series.

Hasbro - Guardians of the Galaxy: Gamora
GamoraOther than the garbage Iron Man, this is the weakest figure of the line. She's decent enough but there is something wonky about the head (mediocre likeness on a slightly oversized head?). Plus, she can't hold her sword since it's handle is too narrow/her grip is too wide. And then there is totally bizarre and utterly pointless torso joint... Despite having a costume perfect for an ab-crunch they went with a weird "balljoint" (maybe?) but left the clearance so tight, and contoured, it basically doesn't move at all.

Hasbro - Guardians of the Galaxy: Groot
GrootHe's a nice Build-A-Figure but feels like they cheaped out on him. The coloring is odd to me, and while he does get a tan drybrush on the legs and a green one on the head and chest what he really needs is a dark brown wash to fill in the details. The head, a ball-in-socket joint, is also seated a bit oddly resulting in no backwards motion (and why didn't they put the ball on a hinge, anyway?) but the lack of thigh swivel is pretty conspicuous and sorely missed. The hinged-rocker feet are pretty great, though, and the face looks spot-on, plus I quite dig the "overgrowth" from the biceps over the shoulders.

Hasbro - Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon
RocketFor how much everyone anticipated this guy to be the break-out star of the film the figure is remarkably under-articulated. Ultimately it doesn't bug me too, too much other than the ball-in-socket neck, which is so snug it's effectively just a swivel - again, why isn't the ball on a hinge, like the other figures? Rocket's gun looks neat though it's cast in a weird, cheap looking color and his hands are so teeny-tiny it's remarkably hard to get him to hold it properly. To pad out the release is the big chest-canon from the end of the movie - it's a fun inclusion, but really I would have preferred them spend that budget on the Rocket and Groot figures instead.

Hasbro - Guardians of the Galaxy: Starlord
Star-LordOkay, so this is a cool figure - but two traits kind of ruin it for me. He get, comparably, a ton of accessories, which is pretty darn cool though kind of unnecessary as executed. I can roll with the headphones and cassette player not being connected, but the player is way under-sized and the hair sculpt prevents the head phones from sitting naturally on his head. The blaster look good and he can hold them quite well, and the heads swap easily with the masked one looking pretty cool. The first of the two bummers, though, is that the unmasked one is clearly not Chris Pratt. While likenesses are never Hasbro's strong suit with Marvel figures at least Drax and Gamora are passable. To be fair, I suppose this looks more like Pratt than Stealth Cap looks like Chris Evans, but still... is this likeness issue on the actor side or on the Hasbro side? Either way it's ridiculous and annoying. The other big annoying thing here is that he's in the trenchcoat... which is worn only in the first scene. Apparently this is a demand from the Disney/Marvel style guide but it's ridiculous and annoying (the theme of this figure, I suppose).

DST- The Walking Dead Minimates: Dale & Female Zombie
Dale/Female ZombieI missed out on the first series of Walking Dead Minimates, so I was pretty jazzed to see that DST had a bunch of this set at their booth (but sadly no Rick set or variant Dale). Dale is a pretty damn important character so I'm very happy/relieved to have him in the collection. The 'mate is good, but seems "off" a bit somehow. The female Zombie is pretty good with some reasonable gore and interchangeable full and broken arms. I'm not too crazy about the sculpted damage on the torso but otherwise she's a nice "army-builder of the dead."

DST - Iron Man 3 Minimates: Mandarin & Mark XXXXII Iron Man
Mandarin/Iron ManThe last set I was missing from Iron Man 3 has, at long last, come home with me. It's a logical pairing and they look good together but there's just something not very exciting about this set. The alternate, sculpted-beard for the Mandarin is neat, but it looks weird since it doesn't have a sculpt mustache with it. I do also wish that the Mandarin was wearing sunglasses, or came with an alternate head as such. I'll need to figure out how to make a reasonable Trevor figure.

DST - Marvel "Best-Of" Minimates: Doctor Doom & Reed Richards
Doom/ReedI'm a sucker for the Fantastic Four and a Dr. Doom obsessive so I've been looking forward to this. Both figures are quite cool with Reed being the true star thanks to his myriad of alternate "stretched out" pieces. Doom takes the Marvel vs. Capcom figure and repaints it a bit dully. The greens look good but the matte gray is a bit... I don't know, chalk-y looking. And, of course, the oversculpted gloves add too much bulk to the arms. I do quite like the alternate, busted Doombot head so I may pick up another of this set to have the matte gray armor be the Doombots (not to mention all the options with Reed).

DST - Marvel Minimates: Madame Hydra & Hydra Elite Soldier
Viper/Elite SoldierI also finally picked up this set. I look a good battle builder and the Hydra Elite Solider is a perfect one, what with the removable "elite" bits so this works are a regular Hydra dude as well. Madame Hydra is pretty cool, and I quite dig her functional dual-holsters. She also gets a whip because... "sexy chick," I suppose.

DST - Marvel Minimates: Baron Strucker & Hydra Elite Soldier
Baron Strucker/HydraThis is "main" set of which Madame Hydra is a variant of - and I really wish I'd gotten two! We another of the very good Hydra Elite Soldiers plus a surprisingly excellent Baron Strucker - complete with two different outfits! He comes in a very nice Hydra armor bit and includes a repaints Red Skull overcoat in Hyrda colors - too cool! Plus there that weird, metallic red mecha-glove from the old Marvel Legends figure, too! I really, really am bummed that I didn't get a second one and I am suddenly now realizing I should get a third to make a Hydra Red Skull! This is a perfect Minimate 2-pack!

DST - Marvel Minimates: Zombie Villains
After years of being off limits by Marvel decree the Zombies are back! It's mildly a bummer that they can only do villains now, but fortunately the initial run was all heroes so we'll net-out nicely here! I'm super jazzed they've re-released Galactus, and in more "classic" colors though it's sort of a bummer that it's Zombified so hopefully we'll get another go-around in the future (and man do I love this floating asteroid base!) Red Skull turned out AWESOME! He comes with alternate broken and normal arms, plus a perfect torso/legs so I was kind of bummed we were just a head away from a great new Red Skull 'mate until I realized... his head IS a skull! Done and done - I HAVE to get a second set now! I do love me some Magneto and while I always prefer him helmet-on the zombie face gets lost under there, but the tousled hair helps add to the vibe. Lastly is the Green Goblin, not a particular favorite of mine (while the other three are) but this turned out quite nice - plus alternate heads and a glider (though it is a REAL sonuvabitch to get him on the glider and the on to the stand). All around a great set, which also includes crawling entrails to replace legs - I'm sure its a specific reference to one of the characters but it would work well for anyone involved.

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13 Responses to Rustin's Spoils of the Week #146

  1. The Iron Man figure is a repaint of the Heroic Age Iron Man from the Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends, with new head and shoulder caps

  2. BanzaiBoB says:

    Great to see SotW popping up again :). It's one of my favourite OAFE segments!

  3. Bigbot says:

    In regards to Star Lord, I cut the trench coat off of mine to get that jacket look. There's a seam right at the waist that goes all the way around. I followed it with a knife and now the figure has that preferred look for me. He does have skinny legs though so your mileage may vary.

  4. gl3600 says:

    The "metallic red mecha-glove" that Baron Strucker comes with is the Satan Claw - very cool accessory for the Baron's character that he used in the old comics!

  5. Ridureyu says:

    I once heard someone say, while watching a movie based on a book:
    "The camera angle is wrong! That camera angle wasn't in the book!

  6. yo go re says:

    My Hound lost an arm, too. I forget which one, but I definitely know I had to get a replacement...

  7. Ronnie says:

    I honestly would rather see no comic figures in a movie wave of Legends, myself- I mean, seriously, I can name 3 characters that seem like such no-brainers to have done over Iron Man and not-movie Nova. (Ronan for one. Nebula. Yondu. Hell, give us John C. Reilly Nova, the snarky british Nova, or even Glenn Close Nova! If you're going to make a core member of the team the Build-A-Figure, you shouldn't make fans buy characters who don't FIT with the movie characters.)

  8. monkey boy says:

    We need a second series of GotG figures, though I doubt it's happening. Nebula, Star Lord v.2, Yondu, Djimon Honsou (I forget his character's name), a movie Nova Corps soldier, maybe a Rocket v.2 (in the red outfit) with a little potted Groot. BAF Ronan.

    • Rustin Parr says:

      Jesse Falcon made it sound like a real possibility at SDCC but I'm now very skeptical that'll happen (but I guess we'll see at Toy Fair). For the record, here're my picks for a second series:

      Starlord v2 (basically the same figure but with short coat)
      Gamora v2 (in Ravager Red)
      Drax v2 (in post Kyln blue pants)
      Rocket/Groot v2 (Rocket in Ravager Red and Groot with angry head and all BAF in darker brown plastic)

  9. Michael says:

    Making a Yondu would be so damn easy too. Starlord's torso/jacket, new head, flute. Voila. Seems like the biggest no-brainer ever.

  10. Boot Hill says:

    Good time, good times. How 'bout a new Spoils to make the world smile again?

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