Alpha Bravo, the real star of Generation 1

Why don't Transfans like Alpha Bravo? He's been there all along!

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2 Responses to Alpha Bravo, the real star of Generation 1

  1. Soundwinder says:

    Heh. Cute.

    But seriously, new character or not, AB's toy is just excellent. I do agree a helicopter doesn't fit in well with the Aerialbots, but as a standalone toy it's probably the best of the ABs.

    ... ditto Rook. I am so ridiculously excited for that figure.

  2. WM-R says:

    I don't get why people don't like Alpha Bravo. His design's pretty cool, in the comic he comes of as being more than happy to volunteer to help people and it's not like the Combiner teams have never had additional members (e.g. Power Core Combiner Bombshock being identified as a Combaticon despite not being part of Bruticus, or the Micromaster Construction Team also being called Constructicons, just not the A team of the group).

    I mean, isn't it better to have an extra member or two just in case one of the limbs is out of commission? Remember that episode where First Aid quit, and Defensor had to form missing an arm? Yeah, wouldn't a backup team mate been real handy then?

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