Velocitron Speedia 500 Part 1

The "Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection" figures that are exclusive to Walmart in the US are available to Japanese fans via TakaraTomy Mall (basically their version of Hasbro Pulse). But Takara does one better than Hasbro, also publishing some brief comics to hype up the toys. They're in Japanese, obviously, but we've translated them:

Japan is releasing the series in two waves, so there will presumably be another installment of the comic when the remaining four come out.

Vision-Impaired Transcript:

Page 1
  • Panel 1: A single panel showing Road Rocket, Blurr, Dia Burnout, and Road Hauler running forward and transforming into their vehicle modes as many other Transformers look on from the stands. Cosmos hovers overhead, announcing the race.

    Cosmos: It's time to determine the next leader of the planet Velocitron - the Speedia 500 race is here! From various worlds, we've gathered every bot who brags of their need for speed. Who will claim the championship?! I'm your commentator, Cosmos...
    Cosmos: And now... start the race!!

Page 2
  • Panel 1: Blurr darts around Road Rocket and Burnout, leaving a streak of energy showing where he's been as he zooms around a bend in the track.

    Cosmos: First of all, Blurr, who has won many races in the past, will make full use of his super speed and take the top spot!
    Blurr: Sorry, everyone, but I'm taking first place!

  • Panel 2: Five identical copies of Road Rocket bounce past a surprised Blurr.

    Cosmos: The next to jump into the lead is the kunoichi of skill, Road Rocket! She confounding the others with her Clone Technique!
    Road Rocket: *each shadow clone exclaims "ninja!" as it jumps around, like Michael Scott yelling "parkour!"*

  • Panel 3: Burnout drives straight up a rock wall, leaving everyone else behind on the track below.

    Cosmos: Cutting off-course and climbing the cliffs, the human/A.I. duo of Dia and Burnout have joined forces to reach for the championship!
    Dia: *from inside the car, behind the steering wheel* FIRST!!
    Burnout: *with a robotic monotone voice* ...calculating shortest distance...
    Road Rocket: *way below the action* Hey!

  • Panel 4: Road Hauler snatches a large boulder the size of a small boulder from mid-air before it can hit the track. Behind him, in shadow, Scourge is creeping up.

    Cosmos: Road Hauler, a former member of the Constructicons, knocks away the falling rocks and grasps at the title! But behind him, a black shadow looms... the race isn't over yet!
    Road Hauler: If I win, I'm building a huge bridge on this world with my pals!
    Caption: to be continued!


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3 Responses to Velocitron Speedia 500 Part 1

  1. My Common Sense is Tingling says:

    Is that really a JoJo "menacing" reference in the last panel? Cool!

  2. Ai Muhao says:

    Oh, I wonder if this is in continuity with the Transformers Legends stuff. It'd explain things like big, friendly Devastator and race queen Nightbird and Swerve all being in the first panel.

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