On the origin of Duck Face Venom

The Spider-Man Classics Venom in today's review is weird, but it wasn't made up by ToyBiz or Phil Ramirez - at least, not entirely.

Venom, with his lips akimbo

Back in 1994, Fleer did their first set of Spider-Man trading cards. The first few dozen cards in the set were designed so that when they were put in a typical 9x9 card sleeve, they would create a larger picture. The first nine cards were all about Spidey's powers, but the second nine were all about Venom. Because it was 1994.

Does the card on the middle left look familiar at all?

Yes, 1994 Fleer Spider-Man card #13, "Living Costume," was the inspiration for the 2001 Classics figure. Why that one? We still couldn't say.

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3 Responses to On the origin of Duck Face Venom

  1. Black Arbor says:

    Probably not the place to ask, but, Mr. Yo, why did you repost the Spider-Man classics Venom review for Marvel Monday tonight? Didn't you do that review back in 2015? Did you mean to post a review for the new ML Venom?

  2. yo go re says:

    Everybody's right! The review was written last year, but only one person has seen it before now. But a few weeks ago, when we updated all the old Venom reviews in preparation for posting the new ML one, links to the Classics review were included. So if you found it through there, you were just seeing it early...

  3. Hennis Dothman says:

    I had these cards! Still do somewhere, I bet. I remember being really upset that the bottom row was printed slightly wrong, so there was a bit of a "stutter" in the image where things repeated. It wasn't a lot, just enough to bother me. Took so long to complete the whole set, too.

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