SDCC 2011 - Hasbro: Marvel

Directly following Minimates is the Hasbro panel for Marvel! Too damn cool!!! A ton of love for Marvel Legends in the room, as well as the lineup reveals for Wave 2 of 2012 Marvel Legends & Universe

  • We'll be seeing more Mighty Muggs "here and there"
  • Thor will have multiple "looks" in Avengers
  • The new Marvel Universe Beast figure has toe articulation
  • Wave 2: Scarlet Witch, new sculpt Punisher, Future Foundation Spider-Man (with two variants including Bag Head Spidey), She-Hulk, Kang
  • Sneak peeks: Angel, Nighthawk, modern Nova, late '80s Hercules, Puck, Jubilee (!), Masterworks Fin Fang Foom (orange with purple shorts tiny purple underpants)
  • Marvel Legends - new packaging, art by Ed McGuiness for series 1 & 2
  • Steve Rogers will have a variant shield; Iron Man has a stealth variant, ghost rider has a yellow/orange flame variant
  • Every series will have 6-7 figures and BAFs. Some characters will be reintroduced as "greatest hits" figures. Each series will come without a BAF "main line" character to not force you to buy every figure
  • Series 2: Bucky Cap, Wrecking Crew (some running changes will be whole new characters. Thunderball), Daken w/ removable cowl, Madame Mask (running change into Madame Hydra), Drax, "Big Time" Spider-Man, BAF Arnim Zola (face by McGuinness)
  • variant figures have variant BAF piece, too!!! Variant torso is Red Skull, Variant Head will have red eye
  • all new sculpts will have new articulation, like ankle rockers, new hips on horizontal axis - no more balls.


  • Hasbrotoyshop will remain focused on selling cases, not singles of figures
  • SRP on Legends is $14.99
  • Gigantic Battles line is doing well. For vehicles, no plans for Ghost Rider or Black Knight but looking at "someone who rides a floating chair"
  • Legends is really complicated to work on because there is so much variation among fan requests, not just of characters but of articulation, pack-ins, etc. "We're trying to put a laser scope on a shotgun"
  • Series 1 in January, not sure of timing for Series 2.
  • Why no Marvel-vs-Capcom 3? Extremis Iron Man coloring is based on MvC. Trying to tie-in with Marvel characters with the same costumes/deco, but it sounds to me like they don't have or want the licenses
  • ML All Stars figures can both be re-issues from the past or current ML lines. Will still try and do new "heavy hitters" when possible. Unlikely to bring back less-popular characters
  • "Are action figures as we know it going to die?" VP of designs doesn't think so, figures let boys transfer into what they like/enjoy
  • Lead guy on ML feels there is no definitive Cap or Wolverine yet
  • In ML not a lot of accessories or interchangeable parts - putting money in the figures and BAF parts
  • Civilan versions of characters in MU? Peter Parker will show up and "another character wearing a suit will show up"
  • Vonner wants to do Death's Head. No plans, but wants to
  • Themed sidelines for ML to tie-in to movies? This is the re-beginning so... "you will see some stuff building around the Avengers movie that built off of the core line"
  • Zola is 6-7", Terrax is 10". BAF size will depend on character size.
  • Vonner "maybe the Comic-Con [Sentinel deco] will show up at retail" - "there's a good chance that it will"
  • Thinking about remakes/re-do's in ML? "I'm not going to do another Banshee" When it makes sense will go back and redo characters that didn't live up to plans
  • Prototypes from the old Fans Choice poll can show up, "thats where Constrictor came from"
  • Possible to do a "star wars saga legends" like line of reissued popular figures
  • The movie 6" figures are required to have a separate "movie style" scale which is why they were smaller than ML figures
  • Jesse Falcon thanks them for bringing back Marvel Legends, Hasbro team kisses his ass a lot now. Vonner, "you owe a debt of gratitude to this man"
  • Julius Marx brings up the problem with non-appearing running changes. Is there a contingency plan for scalpers, essentially? Hasbro: "we're doing the best we can to plan ahead" so.... no... we're screwed.
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6 Responses to SDCC 2011 - Hasbro: Marvel

  1. Deadpool says:

    It's Arnim ZOLA, isn't it? I don't believe Zolar is correct.

  2. yo go re says:

    Running changes will be separate characters? Oh, that's a BAD idea. Hasbro has a terrible track record with that kind of thing. How about all those Marvel Universe variants that were supposed to show up but never did? How about short-ordered waves of Star Wars?

    What happens when a Series of ML is invariably under-ordered? The "non" variant characters burn out fast, leaving us with only variant BAF parts when a store puts in a late order to make up for it? Or when a series lingers, and no store wants to order a second round of cases to get Madame Viper? I love that the line's coming back, but this plan has some holes in it...

  3. Sledgehama says:

    I'm just happy to see there's some desire to do a Death's Head figure! Fingers crossed for a Legends-scale figure of ol' DH in wave 3! 🙂

  4. Victor Von Doombot says:

    Yo is sooo right... Arnim Zola will make it all worth it though...

  5. thamenacing1 says:

    Here's hoping for a Marvel Universe Deathlok for my X-Force teaming, and why not a Marvel Universe Death's Head?

    Marvel Universe is going to break me!

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