Who's made the most Alien figures?

Today, NECA had something interesting to say on Twitter:

Really, NECA? "No one"? It seems you're forgetting a little company called Diamond Select, because Minimates are going to win that competition, hands down.


  • '79 "Big Chap"
  • '79 "Big Chap" v.2
  • '79 Prototype
  • Kenner Warrior Alien

  • '79 "Big Chap"
  • '79 "Big Chap" v.2
  • '79 Alien (w/ GitD paint)
  • Frozen Alien
  • Ripley (spacesuit)
  • Ripley
  • Dallas (spacesuit)
  • Kane (facehugger)
  • Jonesy (x2)
  • Ripley (jumpsuit)
  • Ripley (jumpsuit) v.2
  • Ripley (spacesuit)
  • Ripley (underwear)
  • Ash
  • Ash (battle damaged)
  • Brett
  • Dallas
  • Dallas (space suit)
  • Kane (facehugger/chestburter)
  • Kane (spacesuit)
  • Lambert
  • Lambert (space suit)
  • Parker
  • Jonesy

  • Warrior Alien (brown)
  • Warrior Alien (blue)
  • Warrior Alien v.2 (brown)
  • Warrior Alien v.2 (blue)
  • Battle Damaged Warrior (blue)
  • Battle Damaged Warrior (brown)
  • Genocide Warrior (black)
  • Genocide Warrior (red)
  • Alien Queen

  • Alien Warrior
  • Alien Warrior v.2
  • Alien Warrior (night vision)
  • Attacking Alien Warrior
  • Attacking Alien Warrior v.2
  • Battle Damaged Alien Warrior
  • Battle Damaged Attacking Alien
  • Battle Damaged Alien Warrior v.2
  • Burning Warrior Alien
  • GitD Alien
  • Genocide Warrior (black)
  • Genocide Warrior (red)
  • Alien Queen
  • Ripley
  • Ripley (Kenner)
  • Hicks
  • Hicks (helmet)
  • Hudson
  • Hudson (helmet)
  • Sgt. Windrix
  • Bishop
  • Bishop (battle damaged)
  • Vasquez
  • Newt
  • Power Loader
  • Ripley (Jumpsuit)
  • Ripley (Rescue Mission)
  • Ripley (Power Loader)
  • Hicks
  • Hudson
  • Apone
  • Apone v.2
  • Carter Burke
  • Bishop (damaged)
  • Crowe
  • Dietrich
  • Drake
  • Drake (melted face)
  • Frost
  • Gorman
  • Gorman (dress uniform)
  • Spunkmeyer
  • Vasquez
  • Wierzbowski
  • Colonist Mary
  • Newt
  • Power Loader
  • APC vehicle

Now, NECA definitely has the advantage when it comes to Aliens 3, AvP and Alien: Isolation, because there aren't Minimates of those properties, but that only adds about nine more figures to their total.

Tell us again who's assembled the biggest collection and universe?

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16 Responses to Who's made the most Alien figures?

  1. yo go re says:

    NECA still wins for general quality of sculpt/articulation though, right?

  2. Monkey boy says:

    NECA has also done a Genocide Queen and that egg six pack.

  3. Jesterfry says:

    Minimates are better? lol nope. Isn't this late for April Fool's Day?

    • OAFE says:

      Who said "better"? NECA said "building the collection & universe that we have assembled," which clearly implies a breadth of characters, not a statement on their quality. NECA could have ever released only a single Xeno, and it would still be more movie-accurate than the Minimates are. But when it comes to building the universe, DST is absolutely in the lead.

      • Ronnie says:

        It also presumes you count Minimates as comparable to action figures.

        • yo go re says:

          Ah yes, the same line of reasoning that lets GamerGate deny that more women than men play videogames because "phone games don't count"...

          • Ronnie says:

            They /are/ a very different kind of toy and I would not say they are comparable to true action figures because of the stylization. They have more in common with Lego, Megabloks, or designer vinyl than true action figures. I'm talking as someone who does love Minimates- they were actually the first merch I picked up at a comic shop- but I never in my life considered them 'action figures'.

          • AmericanHyena says:

            Not try to be argumentative, but speaking personally I feel like they definitely qualify as action figures, albeit small and stylized ones.

            They're fairly well articulated (ball jointed head, shoulders, hips, hinge elbows and knees, swivel waist, wrists, and ankles). That's 14 points of articulation, more than JLU, Simpsons, or Titan Heroes and those are all considered action figures.

            They come with a multitude of accessories. They've had close to a dozen vehicles released and even a number of playsets.

            I definitely consider them action figures.

  4. Mysterious Stranger says:

    Even if you just count characters and no variants, DST has them beat. And DST has done all of theirs a lot faster than NECA.

    • OAFE says:

      Fast is easy when you need not worry about likeness rights or time-consuming sculpts.

      • Battle Catman says:

        I was wondering about that. Like, it was a big deal that NECA was finally able to make Ripley and Newt figures, but Minimates was able to do it first because, what, their heads are more vague likeness than super-realistic?

        • yo go re says:

          That seems to be the case - same goes for Funko Pop and ReAction, where the faces are so cartoony that they don't have to get the actors' permission. That's how Funko gets so many licenses that other companies can't (Pennywise from It, for example)...

  5. Boot Hill says:

    I bet Rustin has all those by now! I'd read about them if he wrote reviews!

  6. DAVID TORREY says:

    Wow, feeling the hate on NECA. That's OK, to each their own. I'd still rather have NECA than minimates any day of the week though.

    • OAFE says:

      Not sure how saying "someone else is also doing this thing you said you're doing alone" can be interpreted as hate. Other than Shocka, who suffers from bad customer service from NECA's Oz distributor, we're all quite fans of NECA and their work.

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