Green Lantern vs. Predator addendum

Today's review of the Green Lantern vs. Predator set from NECA Toys claimed that a Pred showed up as a member of the Sinestro Corps in the comics. Is that really true? Take a look:

That's from a big double-page spread in Green Lantern #24. He also showed up in the next issue, getting blown apart by Boodikka:

Plus, if the Predator species was frightening enough to become a Yellow Lantern, it makes sense that the Xenomorphs would, too:

Artist Ivan Reis really had fun with those cameos. And because not all alien life forms are scary, check out two of the friendlier extra-terrestrials who turned up as members of the Green Lantern Corps in GL #24:

It's a big universe out there! What other aliens would you like to see show up, and which power rings would they wield?

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10 Responses to Green Lantern vs. Predator addendum

  1. Braystreet says:

    Red Lantern Gears of War Locusts

  2. monkey boy says:

    The Blue Lanterns might recruit the heptapods from Arrival. The patience needed to teach someone your language would requite a lot of hope.

  3. Ai Muhao says:

    ALF and ET as Green Lanterns was brilliant, but not as brilliant as a Predator and a Xenomorph as Yellow Lanterns.

    I remember that there was a gag about Hound of the Autobots becoming a Green Lantern (his argument being, "I'm already green!"), but I can totally see Starscream murdering Larfreeze to get his hands on the Orange Power Ring.

    Heh. And depending on which Optimus Prime we're talking about, I can see him wielding a Blue Power Ring (since generally he inspires hope in the Autobots), a Purple Power Ring (his "freedom is the right of all sentient beings" shtick) or a Red one (especially the more bloodthirsty Michael Bay one).

  4. Nega says:

    Na'vi would totally be Indigo.

  5. Deadpool says:

    I could see Larfleeze losing his Orange Lantern to a Ferengi.

  6. Rocketbilly says:

    What about the things from Pitch Black? They're blind, right? They could be the Yellow Lantern equivalents of Rot Lop Fan

    • Frowny says:

      Opposite, actually: super sensitive to light, which is why they could operate in the dark. It would still make a great contrast (as long as just being in the presence of a power ring's energy doesn't burn them).

  7. yo go re says:

    I nominate Kris Statlander for Star Sapphire...

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