Walking Dead Mystery Minis: Walker Clara review

Walking Dead Wednesday would like to ask you a few questions.

At first glance, this just appears to be a plain zombie: graying skin with splotches all over it, tattered clothes, all that. She doesn't have the "torn away mouth" that used to be the line's signifier for the undead, but they've been getting away from that anyway. So if you don't follow the show, this is just another dirty dead body that's gotten up and is walking around. But if you do follow the show, there's more to her than that.

This Mystery Mini is Clara, the weird woman Rick met in the woods while hunting. He thought she was a walker until she spoke, because she was so skinny and dirty. She invited him back to her camp to meet her husband, so Rick could ask them three questions before bringing them to the prison. Things didn't go too well, which is why this figure is now a zombie.

Clara dresses like someone in the zombie apocalypse probably would in reality: ie, like a hobo. She's wearing as many of her clothes at once as she can: her husband's suit jacket over a pink top over a white dress over grey pants. Her long black hair hangs down past her shoulders, and her painted mouth is open slightly. The dress is torn, as are her pants and the lower edges of the coat, and she has a strange stance with her arms held behind her back.

Available in a 1:12 ratio, Clara is among the most common figures in Series 3. She has no variants to worry about, either.

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  1. Ridureyu says:

    I love this one, if just because it looks a lot like a Japanese Onryo ghost.

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