Lego Batman Minifigures: Nurse Harley Quinn review

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Something strange is going on in Arkham Asylum! Psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel has disappeared, and a new nurse has taken her place. What madcap medical antics can we expect from Nurse Harley Quinn, and how does she feature in The Joker's ultimate plot? If Batman isn't careful, this laughing nurse just might make him take his medicine!

You knew I was getting this one. You knew I was getting this one. Comics' #1 psycho girlfriend dressed as a nurse? I am legally prevented from not getting this one. She'd be worth it for the new hair brick alone, with those curly, bi-coloured twintails. And a removable hat! That little topper has a small peg to fit into place, so she can go bare-headed if you want. Her shapely uniform has excellent printed details, like her stethoscope or the fact that the buttons on his coat are diamond-shaped, rather than round, and she has pink surgical gloves nearly up to her elbow. She's flashing a giant smile, and her boots have painted "soles" on the front and defined laces. Fittingly, she comes with a 2x2 flat block tampographed to look like an Arkham Asylum clipboard with the Joker's paperwork clipped to the front. She's drawn "H+J" in a heart next to his photo

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