Minimate Mini-Review #352 - Weapon X Wolverine & Lady Deathstrike

#352 - Weapon X Wolverine/Lady Deathstrike

After having his bones laced with adamantium in the Weapon X program, the mutant Logan underwent a series of training sessions using virtual reality technology.

Hey, check it out! This is Wolverine #60! We may make fun from time to time, but props to Marvel Minimates for hitting this milestone. Or if you really want to get nitpicky, this is their second "Weapon X" Minimate. This one is the classic Barry Windsor-Smith design, with the virtual reality helmet and the technological boxes hanging around his waist. Unlike the last Weapon X, this one gets a brown waist block, rather than being naked - might have to swap those for maximum accuracy! He has hair painted on his chest and forearms, but his legs are bare. Like, there is nothing there. Not even simple muscles. The helmet has a small amount of molded details, and tubes connect it to the devices on his belt. The set includes an alternate hair if you want to take the helmet off, but do you really want to?

Yuriko Oyama's father Kenji created the adamantium bonding process, and she later acquired adamantium claws to seek revenge on those who stole her father's work.

There was a time, 61 series ago, when Lady Deathstrike was the most-anticipated Minimate around. Things have come a long way in the intervening dozen years. The sculpting on this one is more ornate, with a detailed loincloth (from Elektra, but worn backwards) and a new vest that has etched lines and ties. The detail on her legs is simply painted, and if you remove her vest, you'll see a surprisingly detailed chest. This time her billowing sleeves are part of the arm, rather than being part of the hands, and her long fingers are the same Mojo had in this same series. The only real difference between this Lady Deathstrike's face and the last one are cheekbones, but the paint is more delicate overall here. Minimates generally have good quality control, but on my figure, her left elbow is loose to the point of flopping back and forth. Everything else about this set is nice, so hopefully a little glue will tighten that up.

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