Geek Speak: the Wolverine Corollary

As posited in today's review, a female character wearing a specific costume will always look better than her male counterpart wearing the same thing, as currently evidenced by Laura Kinney as the All-New Wolverine.

Return of Wolverine #1All-New Wolverine #1

Sorry, Logan, but Laura just looks better than you.

(And lest you wish to claim it's just because J. Scott Campbell is better at pin-up art than Steve McNiven, Ron Lim's cover for All-New Wolverine #13 is the same type of hunched, battle pose, and she still clears.)

There aren't a lot of characters who wear a direct copy of someone else's costume - Supergirl may dress "like" Superman, but she has a skirt and he doesn't. But for those that do, the girls win.

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