Transformers BotBots Major Lee Screwge review

The Transformers BotBots are divided into eight teams, based on what store in the mall they hail from. For instance, there are two tool stores, both bringing us the members of the Shed Heads; the one upstairs on Level 2 is the home to Major Lee Screwge.

Unlike the BotBots who think that pencil sharpeners go in backpacks or that plants go in the bathroom, this is something that might actually go in a tool shed: a power drill. Yes, that's really more of a "store it inside" tool (as opposed to, say, a lawnmower or hedge trimmer), but it's at least in the realm of possibility.

The drill is mostly drill-shaped. The yellow body of it is a lot blockier than a real one would be, and the black hand grip would be too short for anyone to actually hold. The silver drill bit is blunted for safety, but they did at least sculpt the spiral notch on it.

Converting BotBots is intentionally simple: pull out the arms and rotate them down, then unfold the leg. That's really all it takes!

Major Lee Screwge is the one who's in charge. The Major can always be counted on to lead his troops into mischief. He's just not very good at sneak attacks. Other bots can hear him yelling from a mile away.

So, if there's ever a BotBots animated series, Major Lee Screwge's voice will be an impersonation of R. Lee Ermey? Also, I get that his name is a play on "major league Scrooge" (or possibly "screwage") but aren't drill instructors usually sergeants? The robot mode is okay, with a black visor for the eyes and a small silver mouth, but some distinction between the head and body wouldn't hurt. Additionally, the way the legs fold down leaves the torso sunken and hollow, which isn't ideal. And can we say this seems like a missed opportunity to have done him in green and purple Constructicon colors?

Major Lee Screwge is only available in two of the eight-packs: a "Greaser Gang" pack with Shredder Jack, S'up Dawg, Game Over, Waddlepop, Fit Ness Monster, Poo Sham, and Point Dexter; and a "Jock Squad" pack with Arctic Guzzlerush, Batsby, Hawt Diggity, King Toots, Slappyhappy, Sprinkleberry D'uhnut, and another Game Over.

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6 Responses to Transformers BotBots Major Lee Screwge review

  1. Stephen says:

    It's astonishing that I even have to point this out, but the pun name is CLEARLY supposed to read as "Majorly Screwed."

  2. BBShockwave says:

    Still don't have him, as getting those 2 packs would leave me with tons of extras. I do wonder why his eyes are just a black stripe... The red repaint had proper eyes.

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