Verum Rex

Available now for the Play Plus game console!

Now that you've watched the fake game trailer, check out what is (quasi-)officially Toy Story 2.5, because Pixar insisted the Kingdom Hearts Toy Box world had to fit seamlessly with the existing storyline:

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  1. Ai Muhao says:

    Heh. I remember being super confused the first time that Verus Rex cutscene popped up in-game. But then it revealed Rex is the one playing the game and all I could say is, "Of course, Rex is the huge video game fan."

    It's kind of a shame we won't see the giant robots that Sora and the Heartless could pilot in that world, though. They looked cool, and in-game it was satisfying to pull a Garrod Ran and take out the pilot to hijack the mech yourself.

    I also like the observation that Pixar insisted on a different kind of over-sight to Disney-proper, because I remember thinking that the Frozen world was rather poorly integrated into the story. Especially compared to Olympus (Hercules' world, where Sora and co have gone repeatedly so they have history) and Rapunzel's world (which actually did feel integrated into KHIII's story).

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