Transformers BotBots Glam Glare Fancy Flare review

After things like fresh fruit and science equipment, it's nice to see the Transformers BotBots getting back to things that would actually be in a mall (even if we don't get art of it any more). Even if your mall doesn't have a dedicated homegoods store, any big anchor store is likely to have a furniture department that would make a perfect home base for the Home Rangers.

Lamps have been around in one form or another since at least 70,000 BC, but these days we've got a lot better options than soaking some moss in animal fat then sitting it in a shell or hollow rock to burn. This is a simple, unassuming table lamp, a design that could easily have come from the '80s, the '90s, any time at all. It features a grey body with a brass rim near the bottom, and a brass neck holding aloft the ecru shade. You can't look inside to see a lightbulb, though the robot mode will reveal there is one in there - we know sometimes things get re-engineeered as the design process goes along, so do you think the original plan would have left the top of the shade hollow, like a real lamp's?

BotBots no longer come with instructions, so you may miss a step or two of the conversion process here if you don't know what you're doing: split the lampshade and rotate the halves down to the side; raise the body/lower the head, also being sure to pull the lightbulb up out of the top; finally, spread the arms to the sides.

Glam Glare Fancy Flare has the best designs she just can't wait to share! Whenever this interior designer bot thinks of a new pattern she gets de-lighted, she can make any room look united. Sales make her smile, just don't show her a lava lamp because they have no style. If bots need someone to light up a room, she knows just the flowers and their bloom!

It's tough to get the various parts of GGFF's body to line up properly, especially when you start playing around with her - like, the head doesn't want to stay pressed against the body. There's not a huge gap between the body and the feet, either. Her smile is rather silly, but the sculpted details on the inside of the lampshade wings are nice. They give her a feeling of "solidness," for lack of a better word.

Series 5's Glam Glare Fancy Flare is available blind-packed as #21, in a Cardio Clique 5-pack, and a Hibotchi Heats 8-pack - that's one slot in all three product classes!

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12 Responses to Transformers BotBots Glam Glare Fancy Flare review

  1. andy says:

    why are you wasting our time on these? are they even in stores anymore? does anyone like these? does anyone own more than 6?

  2. Pharmadan says:

    Ignore andy please. While full reviews of larger figures would be nice, these are fun and informative for those of us who like to cherry pick a few of these little buggers.

  3. JOHN says:

    I think these are fun, and i enjoy the reviews.

  4. andy says:

    all i'm saying is these are all the same. cheap little transformers grandmas can buy for their grandkids without spending their whole social security check... they are modern day go-bots with half the quality. get to the Earthrise starscream reviews comparing it to classsics starscream so i can know if it's time to update my seeker shelf

  5. Zeed says:

    I'm with Andy on this. Fine with the occasional reviews combining an entire wave of these, but the individual detailed reviews do seem excessive. Would be like replacing Marvel Mondaya with just funkopop reviews - we're not actually getting any mainline transformers reviews.

    Apart from that little gripe, keep up the good work lads!

    • yo go re says:

      That assumes there are other things out there worth covering, and not just that one Megatron constantly getting repainted. 😀 It's not "BotBots or cool things," it's "BotBots or nada" (at least until Target ships the Quintesson and Studio Series Overload I've ordered). Remember last year when we kept having to do Gundams and Pacific Rim Jaegers on Tuesdays, because at least they were robots?

      Just like with Scrapper or Astrotrain, when the real toys show up, they immediately bump the more disposable reviews.

      I guess I could buy the so-so things, review them, then put them back in the box and return them to the store...

      • Pharmadan says:

        It's a REALLY good Megatron though. Easily one of the best in my 20+ years of transformers buying.

        Any chance of you reviewing the new skylynx coming out?

        • yo go re says:

          That one I DEFINITELY want! It looks awesome! Just gotta wait for it to show up somewhere...

          • Pharmadan says:

            Some folks who ordered it online are already getting it. Not sure if it was entertainment earth or hasbropulse or what.

  6. Thomas says:

    Geez it's not anyone is forcing you to read the BotBot reviews. If you don't care then don't read the reviews.

  7. andy says:

    Transformers are my Plastic Crack of choice... it is hard to find consistent reviews. I like Thew, but he does a review once a month. other reviewers are a pain to listen to. i haven't found another site with reviews written in a uniform format. wanna recommend somewhere else i should go?

    bot bots are the toilet brewed prison hooch of transformers.

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