Retro Collection Spider-Man addendum: power and responsibility

Today's Retro Collection Spider-Man review talked about how Uncle Ben's famous catchphrase wasn't initially his catchphrase.

While it wasn't attributed to him in the comics until 1987, it did appear earlier somewhere else. In 1972, Ron Dante (the producer behind The Archies and their hit "Sugar Sugar") created a "Rockomic" titled From Beyond the Grave. It was partially a retelling of a few existing Spidey stories, with some new material thrown in, and it was all set to music:

That's Rene Auberjonois (Star Trek's Odo) as Peter Parker. And Thayer David, the voice of Kingpin, would later be the villain in the 1977 Spider-Man TV pilot movie. You can read all about the album here. Uncle Ben's big line comes on side two (21 minutes into the video above) - it's just Peter saying it, but this is the first time anyone specifically made it something Ben told him, rather than a general life lesson.

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