Xevoz custom - Jingle Joy

Well well well, this has been a long time, hasn't it?

It was nearly a decade ago when we last spotlighted a fanmade Xevoz design, but we've just found a new one, by a bloke named Vartomio Cain.

click to embiggen

How about that, it's a little elf! How seasonal! His alternate pieces would be both a Legolas-style elf head and parts to turn him into a leprechaun. Accessories would include gingerbread armor, a candy cane, ball and a cup, a big hammer, string of colored lights, a present, a... name tag(?), a wooden dog, and some skis.

Vartomio's gone one better than old boy eMummy did, though, writing a little bio and naming the pieces, just like the old toys did:

The working force of the Arcasters who try to turn every day into a holiday, they’ve spread throughout the planet as carpenters, toymakers and traders. Their arsenal consist mostly of magic-embedded toys and gadgets they hand-craft themselves.

I'm just so thrilled to see the Xevoz fandom living on, but I'd absolutely buy this pint-sized magician.

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